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This website only has public details available of people that have been deceased for at least 30 years. Due to privacy regulation we do not provide login access for viewing living family members.

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Harry François Leckie & Albert Semmie Leckie

Harry François Leckie is the first ‘Leckie’ we were able to find while researching our family tree. So far we have not been able to find any details regarding his parents. We do know that he had a son named ‘Albert Semmie Leckie’ with Mietje Parum. We currently are researching The descendants of Albert Semmie Leckie and are looking for more information regarding Harry François Leckie. Whether or not he had more children and who his parents are.

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Our aim is to verify all information we have collected with official supporting documents (such as birth certificates, etc.). Currently, however, some people added to our family tree are based on information that has been passed on that we still need to verify. We are looking for as much information as possible about Leckie descendants. If you see anything in our family tree that you think is incorrect, please let us know what is wrong and tell us why, preferably with proof (such as birth certificates, death certificates, etc.). If you have information about family members that need to be added to the family tree, please let us know (with proof). We will review all information and when verified, we will add/remove when we see fit.

Share stories and photos

In addition to official family tree information, we are also looking for photos and personal stories of Leckie decendants (both deceased and living).

Do you know any interesting anecdotes and stories that we should not forget. Let us know and share your stories. Together we can keep the memories alive.

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